The reserve

Discover the Furfooz nature reserve

A journey to the heart of nature

Welcome to the Furfooz nature reserve, a natural treasure nestling in the heart of a region full of surprises. Let yourself be carried away by a walk through the remarkable features that make up this sanctuary of biodiversity.

Explore a variety of landscapes, from peaceful forests to sun-drenched limestone lawns and the winding banks of the Lesse. In this exceptional ecosystem, discover unique flora and unspoilt habitats that are home to a multitude of insects.

During your escapade, treat yourself to a well-deserved break at La Flobette, on the banks of the Lesse.

A journey through history

A testimony to human history

Furfooz is much more than just an exceptional natural site; it’s also a living testimony to human history spanning thousands of years. From prehistoric times, when our ancestors inhabited these caves, to medieval times when the plateau was a defensive site, the Furfooz massif has been a place of life and continuous evolution.

Legendary caves and caverns

The caves and caverns carved out by the River Lesse over time bear evocative names such as Trou du Grand Duc, Trou des Nutons and Trou du Frontal.

Most of these underground wonders are now open to visitors, allowing you to immerse yourself in the fascinating history of these places dating back over 14,000 years.

Archaeological treasures of Furfooz

The archaeological heritage of Furfooz is exceptionally rich, with discoveries tracing human occupation over the centuries.

You can also explore the remains of a Roman fortress and the thermal baths, whose ruins stand as a testament to times gone by.

The thermal baths were even completely restored in 1958, offering history buffs a unique experience.

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Reservations are essential to ensure the tranquillity of the village and to protect our beautiful natural environment. Reservations are compulsory at weekends, during school holidays and on public holidays.

Maximum capacity: 300 people per day.